Israeli Society and Politics

Between 9-18, May 2022, the Theodor Herzl Center for Israeli Studies at the National University of Political Studies and Public Administration (SNSPA) in Bucharest organizes the modular course "Israeli Society and Politics", held by Prof. Uriel Abulof from Tel-Aviv University.

Prof. Uriel Abulof has an extensive experience in research on topics like Politics of fear, Happiness and hope, Israel Studies, Middle East Politics, Nationalism and Ethnic conflict, Existentialism, and Legitimation.

Prof. Abulof’s articles have appeared in journals such as International Studies Quarterly, International Political Sociology, Nations and Nationalism, British Journal of Sociology, European Journal of International Relations, Perspectives on Politics, Society, Ethnic and Racial Studies, and International Politics.

The course will take place online and it addresses all those interested in the topic. The SNSPA students attending the course will receive a certificate of attendance and academic credits.

The course will have the following schedule:

9 May: 4-6 pm

11 May: 4-8 pm

13 May: 4-8 pm

16 May: 4-8 pm

18 May: 4-8 pm

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Remarks: This event is part of a series of meetings celebrating the 10th anniversary of the "Theodor Herzl" Center for Israeli Studies, SNSPA, Bucharest. The modular course was held by Prof. Uriel Abulof from Tel-Aviv University, now teaching for a period of three years at Cornell University. The course was organized online on the Cisco Webex platform with the support of SNSPA. The course involved five online meetings for about 4 hours each. We had 22 students enrolled in this course with an average attendance of 16 students. This event was open to anyone interested in Israeli Society and Politics. We had 5 Ph.D. candidates among the participants. Prof. Uriel Abulof made the course very interactive, involving all the students in activities and quizzes.