Educational offer

Our educational programs allow students the freedom to explore different issues of Israeli history, politics, and other aspects of social life.

Modular courses

  • "The Economics of Public Policy", course taught by Dr. Dan Korn (12-14 March, 2018);
  • "Israel and the European Union", course taught by Dr. Miriam Rosman (9-24 May, 2017);
  • "Israel at 68: Politics, Economy, Society", course taught by Dr. Dan Korn, Honorary Professor at SNSPA (9-13 May, 2016);
  • "The Israeli Political System in Comparative Perspective", course taught by Dr. Dan Korn, former member of the Knesset (14-22 May, 2015); 
  • "Israel's Relations with the Soviet bloc and post-communist space: 1948-2014", course taught by Prof. Raphael Vago (2-12 December, 2014);
  • "Private Initiative in Israeli Economy", course taught by Dr. Efrat Kedem-Tahar (24 March-4 April, 2014);
  • "Israel’s Foreign Policy – An Introductory Survey", course taught by Prof. Raphael Vago (18-28 November, 2013);
  • "Israel: contemporary problems and historical context", course taught by Dr. Simon Epstein (15-19 April, 2013);

Other courses

  • “Zionism, between ideology and national movement”, permanent course taught by Prof. Liviu Rotman.
  • Modern Hebrew courses, taught by Dr. Claudia Ursutiu, Lecturer, have been organized between February and June 2013 by the Center for Israeli Studies, in collaboration with the Faculty of Foreign Languages and Literatures, within the University of Bucharest.
  • Organizing an introductory course (2 semesters) of Hebrew language for academic year 2017-2018. Lecturer: Dr. Ildiko Galeru, SNSPA.