The Strategy of the CSIs

The strategy of the CSIs is based on the idea that Romanian youth, and potentially youth from the region (South East Europe), would greatly benefit from an educational and research-based institution located in a prestigious university like SNSPA. The aim of the Center is to establish a Master Programme in Israeli Studies and a vibrant intellectual atmosphere around it, together with a team of researchers in the area of Israeli and Middle East.

One of the means of achieving our aim is to partner with relevant institutions. So far, we achieved an excellent partnership with the Embassy of Israel in Bucharest. Also, we have informal partners from the University of Bucharest. We are on the way of signing Agreements with the most important universities in Israel (Hebrew University in Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, and Haifa).

The following activities and projects define in more concrete terms the CSIs strategy:

  • Develop partnerships with public and private stakeholders, especially with universities and research institutions in Romania and abroad.
  • Create an internationalized MA program in Israeli Studies, in partnership with Israeli universities such as Haifa University and Tel Aviv University.
  • Train experts with high expertise in the field.
  • Provide expertise for elaborating strategies pertaining to the analysed region.
  • Edit scholarly publications but also public policy documents and recommendations.
  • Organize conferences and seminars with national and international participants.
  • Join professional international associations which reunite Centers for Israeli Studies.